Ruidoso Anniversary 2003

This was such a wonderful and unexpected trip!  Steph and I were coming up on our 2nd wedding anniversary and were having trouble deciding what to do.  As it turned out, a very nice woman that I worked with, Joyce Sellers, had a time share in Ruidoso that she wasn’t going to be using any more.  She offered to let us use it totally free of charge!  We were so excited, as neither of us had ever been there and it looked like it was going to be snowy while we were there.  It was!  It snowed about 18″ while we were there.  In fact, it started snowing one day while we were out and about.  The condo was up a hill, so we had a tricky time getting back up to it in our Mustang.  Ha!  Also, the condo was a little creepy!  It was a tall, 3-story place with the kitchen and living areas on the main floor, laundry and a couple of bedrooms down on the 1st floor and the master suite up top.  It was very quiet and scary at night.

We also went to White Sands Missile Range while we were in the area.  It was pretty cool.

Oh, this was also the road trip with my fastest cruising speed (on one section, anyway).  Steph would wake up when we were going through a town and fall asleep on the highway parts in between.  We were leaving a little town and it was about 60 miles to the next one.  Steph was probably thinking she had about an hour to sleep.  Half an hour later she wakes up as we pull into the next town.  She’s like, “What?”  And I tell here, “Oh, yeah… I set the cruise control on 120.”  Ha!  I had a radar detector back then.