About Us

We’ve lived in San Antonio, TX since 2007.  Steph is teaching English at Floresville High School now, after working in high tech for about 16 years.  It’s so awesome, because that’s always been what she’s wanted to do!  Plus, the fact that she’s got so many years of experience in fast-paced, high pressure workplaces has made her much more marketable.  She’s so smart and I’m super proud of her!

Me… I’ve been working at Rackspace for the past 10 years.  I started in hosted email support, then Exchange engineering, and now I’m in SharePoint engineering.  I hope to get my hands on more cloudy stuff, like Azure and AWS because that’s where the world is headed.  Rackspace is a pretty sweet place to work.

Currently, we have two cats and a dog.  Max is our youngest.  He’s a tiny little Lynx Point kitty that we don’t think is ever gonna get any bigger.  He was the runt of his litter, so he’s just a little powder puff.

Buddy is the older brother.  He’s a super cute little Tabby that looks like a little Lynx cat, without the pointy ears, because of his stripes and spots all over.

Marleigh is our old pup that’s going on 16 years old now.  She’s a Texas Blue Lacey (or just Lacey Dog) and she’s just the sweetest thing.  At her age, though, she’s having a little trouble getting around and seeing.  She gets lots of love, though.