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Our Wedding

The wedding...

Here we all are at the Church.

Our reception...




Caught smoochin'!    Oh boy!  Don't cut the styrofoam piece, Honey!    Mmmm...  cake!    Watch your hand, Steph!!    A little something to wash the cake down with whilst I ponder the consequences of my actions...    Bouquet toss...  who will be next ??    No hair pulling!    Smiles, everyone, smiles!  

  Alan & Laurie reminiscing back about 12 years, when it was their turn for all this fun!    Say "cheese," everybody!    Ron loves sammiches!    Steph and the Moms    What are they smiling at??  

  Aww... Shawn & Angie still on THEIR honeymoon.    Uncle Danny concerned about his employee's choice of beverage...    All the way from Oakland, CA...    Little angels!    Brad and Susan...  you're next!!     Dear Lord, what have I done...?    (Pastor Tom)    Aunt Mildred caught nabbing some chocolates...   

 "What's that, Scott??  Through that doorway, turn left, then right, go outside, take a right around the corner, go through the gate, and run like hell?!    Advice from Steph's California-Mom, Teddy.    Whose idea were these damn disposable wedding cameras?!?    Molly... a good sport considering Steph nabbed her boyfriend.    I think Chris may be applying too much pressure to Jon's thorasic cranial support!!    Joyce and Karen...  got beer?    Take the picture already!  We want cake!!    Glenda TOLD YOU to smile!    

 We love you guys!!    We played Jenga with the watermelon sculpture later...    Jennifer put down her Coors long enough to pick up a chocolate...    Hurry...  nobody's looking!  Let's head for the honeymoon!!

The honeymoon!

Part 1 - Sedona, AZ

   Here we are on a big rock in Sedona.  We took one of those spiffy Pink Jeep tours.  It was crazy!!    Mike and the Mustang... at the B&B.      Not for the faint of heart!  Mike before coffee!!  Oh yeah... check out the huge bed, too!    Room with a view!    Don't go in that hole, man!  You'll get concked on the head with rocks AND bit by a snake!!    This is the fireplace in our room at the Graham Bed & Breakfast.  It's a see-through fireplace, and the two-person bubble tub is on the other side of it.    Oh man!  Cover your kid's eyes!  Here, Mike is demonstrating the HUGE shower that can hold like 5 people!    Here is an early morning view of Steph showing our "jaggedy mirror."  This was the item listed in the brochure that helped us decide to get this particular room.  Ha!  Can you believe she let me publish this on the web?! 

   Get a load of the modern-looking Bird Friar!    Here's the Chapel in the Rocks.  It actually took an act of Congress to build... because it's in a State Park.  Oh, and there's Mike and the Mustang again.  The Mustang was a surprise rental for Steph!  We both loved driving it from Texas to Arizona and back!    Here's Mike looking at some water shooting out of a hole in the ground.    Secret Agent Man!   

Part 2 - Grand Canyon, AZ

Steph and Mike freezing their butts off on the South Rim of the canyon.    Okay, okay... so I made Steph walk down a trough of mud, melted snow, and mule poop.  So I had to figure out how to get the shoes home without having to clean them.   

Uhhh... I guess that's all the pictures we have from there for right now.  We'll have to do some more scannin'.