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Our Fleabags

In loving memory of Sylvia

In February of 2002, we lost our beloved cat Sylvie (shown here with Sadie on the right).  Sylvie was Steph's cat since college and was her constant companion and oldest friend, moving with her from Iowa to California.  Steph remembers she knew Mike was "the one" when Sylvie, always timid around strangers, crept up to Mike and reached out her paw in friendship and acceptance.  Mike likes to say he fell in love with Sylvie when, on the road trip to move Steph to Texas, we had to board Sylvie in the Carlsbad Caverns kennel for an afternoon.  When we picked her up, Mike looked in to see the terrified little ball of gray fur pressed into the back of the carrier, and begged, "Can't we let her out?  Let's just let her out in the parking lot for a little while...?"  (Silly Mike, a cat in a parking lot is an invitation to see a cat leap over the wall and disappear into the Chihuahua Desert.)  Sylvie made the move and settled in, living a happy and healthy life until she was diagnosed with Cardio Myopathy around Christmas 2001.  She fought a valiant battle to stay with us, but finally said goodbye one wintry afternoon.  Sylvia's legacy has lived on in her little sister Sadie, who is as loving and sweet as Sylvie was.

After Sylvie's passing, we adopted another kitten and a puppy.  Lovingly, we introduce our very special fleabags...  

Sadie came to us from Furever Friends Animal Rescue when she was 6 months old.  Someone had dumped this precious kitten on an asphalt parking lot in the middle of a hot summer afternoon.  We got her home and understood why.  For the next three months she was an unholy terror, running up walls and breaking anything in her way.  She calmed down (a little) and became a charming part of our family.  Sadie has the prettiest voice and we often find her "telling Eli all about it." 

Mia was just a little baby when we got her from the Coppell Humane Society.  Mia wasn't raised by a mama cat, so she thinks she's a little person.  She didn't know how to "make biscuits" and she doesn't have the usual "cat-like grace" of most felines.  She eats every five minutes and her favorite exercise is the long-nap.  Mike has been teaching her how to make biscuits and she can do it on his stomach, one-paw only.  She's just not sure she needs to do anything other than sleep on her daddy's belly.

Elijah (or Eli for short) came from the Canaan Dog Rescue.  He is a purebred Canaan Dog from Israel whose father was a grand champion in the show ring.  Unfortunately, his mother carried juvenile cataracts and he began to develop clouded peripheral vision.  Because the breed is just getting started in the states, dogs with "faults" like that cannot contribute to the bloodline, so he was neutered and put up for rescue.  Eli doesn't seem to miss living as a non-celebrity and is the best dog in the world to us.  He follows Steph everywhere she goes and "plays" with the cats.  He can chase Mike around the dining room table for hours and he sits nicely for his "grandma" Priscilla.  Eli only barks at his "grandpa" Ron.

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