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Mike & Steph's Place!

Welcome back to the web page of Mike and Steph Clarke.  It's always a work in progress, so visit us often!  Steph & Mike in Ron and Pris's room.

This past year marked our one year anniversary.  We experienced a lot of excitement as well as some sadness.  We bought a new house, lost a dear member of our family, adopted a new kitten, and Mike finally convinced Steph that what she really needed to be a "Texan" was a bright red, Mustang convertible GT.  But more about all of that on the following pages...

For now, enjoy the pictures and links and send us an e-mail telling us what you think of the site!  Or make some comments on our Gibberish Page.  We'd love to hear from ya!


Steph and I have a lot of fun together!  We met through my cousin, Terry's, Sweethearts!wife Glenda on October 18, 1999.  We got to know each other via e-mail at first, then moving on to phone, then by plane!  On May 24, 2000, I asked her to marry me right after we watched the season finale of Star Trek: Voyager! 

Steph loves to celebrate all holidays and knows just how to do them right -- Martha Stewart style!  So I've added lots of pictures from the holidays over the past year.  In October 2001, Steph's parents (Priscilla and Ron) moved from their home in Iowa to Hide-A-Way Lakes, Texas.  They say they were tired of the Iowa winters and Ron wanted to be able to fish on his private lake all year, but we know better... they wanted to spend more time with US! 

Yummy! Steph's famous 7-layer salad (click)



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